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What is a serve of rice?

One 100g serve of uncooked medium white rice (1/2 metric cup uncooked rice) makes around 250g of cooked rice.

Brown rice takes longer to cook and results in less cooked rice because each grain is surrounded with a layer of bran. This layer contains many nutrients; however, it slows down the absorption of moisture during the cooking process. A 100g serve of uncooked medium brown rice (1/2 metric cup of uncooked rice) makes around 215g of cooked rice.

The Nutrition Information Panel on Sunwhite™ rice packs clearly identifies the serving size of uncooked rice.

Recommended cooking methods and times are stated on our Sunwhite™ packs.

Is rice gluten free?

Plain rice is naturally gluten-free, whether it be white or brown; short, medium or long-grain, uncooked grains. Rice can be used in numerous ways to create gluten free savoury meals, scrumptious desserts and tasty snacks.

How many carbs are there in rice?

More than 80% of the energy (kilojoules/calories) that rice supplies come from carbohydrate. Carbohydrate powers the body and helps to keep us moving. It is stored in our muscles and liver and released when we need it.

Carbohydrates are detailed in the Nutrition Information Panel on pack.

Is there protein in rice?

Brown rice provides a source of protein in your diet. A 100g serve (1/2 metric cup) of uncooked medium brown rice contains around 8.4g of protein when cooked.

How much fibre is there in rice?

Dietary fibre plays an important part in keeping our digestive tracts in good working order. Eating brown rice is a tasty and easy way to increase the fibre content in your diet. A 100g serve of uncooked medium brown rice which makes around 150g of cooked rice, contains around 3.3g of dietary fibre when cooked.

What are wholegrains?

Brown rice is a wholegrain food, as are mixed-grain breads, wholegrain breakfast cereals and rolled oats.

Wholegrain varieties of grain-based foods are particularly nutritious as they contain all the goodness of the grain, including the bran, germ and endosperm. The bran (fibre rich outer layer) and germ (nutrient rich core) contain many beneficial components like fibre and vitamins and minerals.

Due to the variety of nutrients in different portions of the grain, consuming wholegrain foods as part of a healthy balanced diet can have a positive effect on your health.

My rice has an odour - is it OK?

Rice has a natural odour that is characteristic of the rice grain. Some people describe this as a nutty, natural aroma. Over time the volatile aroma ingredients dissipate as the product ages. Some highly sensitive people can determine the age of the rice by the aroma.

Sunwhite™ guarantees its rice and rice products fresh to the Best Before date stamped on pack. Sunwhite™ recommends rice is best stored in a cool dry place out of sunlight, ideally in an airtight container in the refrigerator. This slows the rice bran layer oxidizing which can lead to rancidity